The Well  


I have fallen in a well
and dark,
I am drowning!

I have called and shouted
so that they help me,
and they pull me out from here,
but all has been in vain.

I continue with the water to the neck,
I thought this was the end
I have prayed and I asked heavens
the son of God,
to give me another opportunity.

This well, where I have fallen in
full of miseries,
because here I recognized,
that my life without Him,
is a tragedy.

When I get out,
I will give Him thanks
for His mercy
because once more He gave me
another opportunity.

To my beloved ones I will embrace,
to my next I will help,
my miseries I will procure,
they remain in the depth of the
and cold WELL!

Raquel Ponce Gómez 23.05.06