Assets against the violence of men

  Campaign against the violence of men against women, children and young.
Aggressive attitudes are unfortunately inherent to human nature. Without social, cultural or educational distinction of level, neither conditioned to gender neither to a specific ethnic group. We ask us who are more violent, men or women? All of us having been educated and raised by a woman, why the violence is aimed against Her? It is surely correct, and the statistics do not leave us to lie, that the women, girls, children and youths are the most affected by male violence.
The violence is a chain that advances by leaps and bounds passing the limits of the morale and of the social norms running over human dignity.
We all are generating violence. It is precise to define the violence and above all to seek alternatives. Our capacity in changing these attitudes requires us to make a greater effort. Today a factor that contributes to the violence, is through some mass media and some programs of TV, movies, radio, as well as certain literature, magazines and publications of the press.
The violence will not diminish, if we do not change our negative attitude of moral, economic, social, religious, educational, and moral precepts, we need a total restructuring.
We need to deepen our understanding of causes of difficult violent and aggressive attitudes:
- Economic dependence also generates violence.
- The unjust distribution of economic wealth in the world is a reason for violence.
- Excessive eagerness for richness and power causes violent attitudes.
- All types of discrimination finishes in violence.
The work that I carried out in the streets, showed me that in public the respect toward the woman and other considered weak, like elderly, children, girls, gayes, impeded and disabled, lis distant a lot to be realised.
It seems that the man is considered owner and master of the street.
  He is the one that dominates, the one that demands, the one that takes, the one that leaves. The man needs to learn that we the women are beings that do love, we feel, we are happy, we smile, and we are capable, audacious, funny, we have dreams and hopes the same as they but almost all are lost when the violence puts an end to its dignity and the self-esteem. How can we show them that we are exotic, erotic, sensitive, sensual, romantic, attractive, impassioned just because we simply are women.
The majority of the women have a very difficult task and that is of the family, the society decays for lack of her.
Forming the character of the human being is a
  commitment of all, to develop a more worthy society.
We continue with the campaign, although it seems like a monologue to me, due to the little participation of the male sex, perhaps we achieve the participation of all. We do not give up, perhaps we achieve the dialogue at the end.
The love that is in me makes me understand that we need each other.
We change the aggressiveness by LOVE; all we have that capacity, we need a will to do it. Get up Women and Men and ahead with the campaign.