Raquel - Charra

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I was born in the still provincial but modern beautiful city of Guadalajara, in the state of Jalisco: It's called the pearl of the valley for its exuberant natural beauties, and it is situated on the ranks of the east side of the Rocky Mountains in the north-west of Mexico-City. (Click for Photogallery) The persons that are from there we call tapatías. Guadalajara is a city of many facets, cradle of the Mariachi musicians and famous for its gastronomy and their tasty antojitos tapatíos. What fascinates me most is the rich Posole and Sheep Barbecue cooked in clay pottery.

I thank my experiences to the patience and counsels of my grandmother who day by day taught me with enthusiasm the marvelous secrets about the native food and the tasty plates that she cooked; with this she knew to awake my curiosity as a little girl for the kitchen at the early age of four years. I also thank my motherfor her experience. We both owned the little Restaurant "Las Palmas" in the city of Ciudad-Juárez, in the state of Chihuahua. Frontier city that is situated in the north of Mexico and abuts with the southern city of the United States El Paso, Texas. where I got to know the Tex-Mex food. Without forgetting my teachers of the IMSS - Mexican Institute of the Social Insurance, House of its Assured, where I studied the economic kitchen. Also I want to thank my master Luis Gives Forest (Portuguese) and Lina Breijo (Spanish) who qualified me with their wisdom of the macrobiotic diet and acupressure, and I learned the philosophy "That the food be our medicine" This mixture of Native, Spanish, Tex-Mex and Natural has made me an extensive cook.
This knowledge was not sufficient for me and I started to investigate more on the matter and at present I count with a personal library of more than two hundred books, magazines, documents about diets, herbs, tea, soy and cereals. I made myself an expert in soy, gave courses and guided many persons in its doubts, certainly I learned more from others than what one can teach. Besides everything that I have learned I have practiced it in my person, in my children and in my husband. I had the opportunity to introduce the Mexican kitchen in the of hotel- and gastronomy school in Munich, Germany where at resent I live with my family. Many person are interested to know the Mexican kitchen and from there was born the idea of The Kitchen of Raquel. Take advantage of it!

Besides dancing I like theater, which I studied with professor Panchito as they used to call him, I took part in several works. In several occasions I had the honor to participate in works like `The House of Bernarda de Albá', directed by the great Dancer and Director of Theater Antonio Vargas, in the work `Let's be Humans' with the unquestionable director Renate Schmid and in the piece `Last Station called Desire' in the theater of the opera. Now I direct and I write works for my Infantile theater, for which I became credited on behave of the municipality of Munich. My favorite works are `Pepito goes to Latin-America` 'Doña Blancá' and 'The House of the Witch and her Soup of Letters'. These works I have carried out myself and I have had the honor to invite many people who enthusiastically took part in these works, for which I thank them for their participation. At the moment I am writing the works `Put the trash in its place' and `Looking for Love'. I believe that the children are interested if somebody awakens their curiosity and orients them in what is happening in the world. Through this infantile theater I want to create conscience to the parents and its children. The message that these works are carrying will be in their hearts.